Biologically Managed Large Scale Rice Production

We're producers of premium grade biological rice using
the latest advancements in precision agriculture such as:

-Variable Rate: satellite approach to fertilizing using coloring schemes that tell which parts of a lot require more or less dose of fertilizer than other sectors of the same lot.

- Biological Farming: we reproduce our own strains of microorganisms that combat plague and disease in a completely natural fashion. Our rice operation is pesticide free certified.

- Aerial Drone Inoculations: All of our rice farmland is managed by a 16l aerial drone, piloted by our very own team.
We reduced gasoline consumption by almost 80% and increased the effectiveness of the products on the soil and the crops.

-Transition Cropping: Soil health is key for any crop activity. El Cántaro shifts sugar cane to hay to rice to keep a healthy biota in it´s soils.